A merchant processing account generates monthly revenue, which is paid to the owner of the account. These accounts can be grouped together and bought or sold as Merchant Processing Portfolios. Purchasing a portfolio give the owner rights to the future residuals generated from the merchant accounts within the portfolio. Each individual merchant processing account has revenue that can be evaluated and quantified for future profitability. When grouped together, these accounts can similarly be evaluated as investment assets. See an overview of our investment criteria below.

Not all Merchant Processing Portfolios are created equal. Numerous factors go into determining a portfolio’s worth and, consequently, which make smart investment assets and which do not. On a macro level, portfolio worth is determined by the number of merchants it contains and the monthly volume those merchants process on a monthly basis. When examined more closely, portfolios have countless profitability indicators. The Executive Leadership team at CLARUS has refined the analysis process with over 50 years of combined merchant processing experience. The CLARUS Evaluation Method is proprietary, but a few of the indicators we examine include:

We evaluate over 50 different financial data sets relevant to each portfolio before offering to purchase one as an investment asset.

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