Distribution Payment Processing Solutions

Clarus' payment processing solutions for the building materials, retail and food service industries can help you build a better business with fast, secure payment processing. Retail specific hardware and software solutions are available on a wide variety of POS terminals and/or personal computers.

Fast, reliable processing cuts transaction times at point-of-sale, online and mobile while our security services help prevent fraud, chargebacks and downgrades. In addition, our powerful reporting tools simplify back office accounting and improve management oversight. In addition, Clarus offers complete online access to your transaction data and powerful Web-based reporting tools for additional analysis.


Manufacturing Payment Processing Solutions

Stop sending print invoices and eliminate the "net 30" wait for payments. Improve your cash flow by accepting credit cards. Online credit card processing gives you the freedom to accept payments wherever you have an Internet connection including mobile and Web store payments. With Clarus payment processing you can track transactions, create reports, view online statements and e-mail receipts to customers.

Clarus' payment processing solutions are designed for easy integration with your existing POS and management software as well as back office accounting solutions for seamless payment processing, transaction posting and reporting. In addition, Clarus offers complete online access to your transaction data and powerful Web-based reporting tools for additional analysis.


Hospitality Payment Processing Solutions

Clarus offers payment processing services designed for the unique needs of the hospitality and restaurant industry. We can support online reservation systems and automated billing for in-room entertainment and other services as well as face-to-face transactions at your front desk, dining areas and retail spaces.

Clarus provides hotel- and restaurant-specific hardware and software solutions available on a wide variety of terminals and/or personal computers. Major lodging management programs are certified on the Elavon Network.

Health Care

Healthcare Payment Processing Solutions

Clarus understands the unique needs of healthcare organizations, medical practices and insurance providers. We support the healthcare industry with specialized programs, dedication and knowledge. We offer customized online and point-of-sale payment processing solutions to help you better serve patients and customers.

Clarus provides hospital, medical and insurance-specific hardware and software solutions available on a wide variety of terminals and/or personal computers. Get 48-hour funding on payment transactions, while giving your patients and customers the option to pay deductibles and co-pays with credit cards or debit cards.


Business Services Payment Processing Solutions

Large corporations, small companies and government organizations find it easier and faster to use a vendor who accepts credit cards, thus providing you the ability to work with a larger range of clients. With Clarus, you maximize cash flow by accepting a Corporate Credit Card with split second approval time versus mailing out an invoice and waiting for payment. You receive payment within 48 hours, instead of 30 days or more. Available software has Internet connectivity, recurring payments and batch authorization capabilities.

People want and increasingly expect the same electronic payment options from government offices that they receive from businesses. Clarus makes it easy for state and local governments to accept credit cards, debit cards or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a checking or savings account for payment of taxes, fines, fees and even bonds.


Payment Processing Solutions For All Retail Business Sizes

Creating the perfect customer experience in retail and restaurant environments is a constant challenge as business owners fight for the competitive advantage to separate their business from the competitors down the street. With Clarus, empower your business to accept all the latest payment types your customers want to use while making an impression with your payment systems. From traditional registers to modern smart terminals, Clarus’ flexible solutions adapt to meet all your processing needs.

Customers need options when they pay at in retail and restaurant environments. Add a tip? Accept mobile wallets? Split the bill? Return policy on receipts? Retail and Restaurant Processing Solutions offer all the options your customers are looking for and add in the options you need to run a competitive business. Line busting? Inventory Management? QuickBooks integration? Breach and fraud protection? Clarus checks every box.

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