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CLARUS offers a complete merchant services program for referral partners. You can provide your business clients with a complete range of payment processing services. Your business clients process electronic transactions every day, accepting hundreds or thousands of credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and other types of electronic payment. Who is benefiting from those transactions?Payment processing is one of the top five costs for most businesses. After over 15 years of working with companies and financial institutions throughout the world, we understand how to set up your clients to get the lowest possible rates. Typically, we can save businesses hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars a month in processing fees.

Fast, reliable credit card processing for your clients, a new revenue stream for you.

Long term growth is our main objective and finding the right partners to grow with us always has and will be a core company strategy.

We pride ourselves on providing the best solutions, customer support, merchant options and referral analytics software available in the industry.


CLARUS is dedicated to giving back and bettering the world around us. We know our partners also care about giving back, so we developed the CLARUS Give Program. When we partner with an organization, we will make a monthly donation on your behalf to the charity of your choice. As a referral partner, the more your organization processes with CLARUS, the more CLARUS will give back. This is perfect match for organizations looking for another benefit to offer their members and a way to support the causes they love. We're here to help you make a difference.

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Select Independent Distributors of America, Inc. (S.I.D.A.) is a group of roofing and exterior building supply distributors whose mission is to serve our customers' needs by offering thed power of collective purchasing, negotiating strength, experience, knowledge and expertise. Each S.I.D.A. member is independently owned and operated. S.I.D.A. members share the same belief in providing individual attention to our customers, delivering high-quality products and materials, and offering unparalleled service that is second-to-none.