Sell Your Portfolio – 36x Multiple

May 18, 2021

Thinking about selling your merchant portfolio? You might wonder if this is a good time to sell and if you’ll get what you believe your holdings are worth. We can assure you that now is the right time. Clarus is offering a special Spring promotion to purchase merchant portfolios. This can be a substantial amount of money for you to expand your business or to invest toward retirement or your child’s college education. If you qualify, we will purchase your portfolio for 36 times the monthly residual amount. Here is an example of what that might look like for you?


Example Offer:

Your current monthly residual $10,000.

$10,000 x 36 monthly residual = $360,000


Read on to learn more about how easy it will be to take advantage of our 36X Multiple – Sell Your Portfolio Program.

Why should I work with Clarus?
When you work with us, you can be confident that you’ll get both a fair and fast payout. We will also do all the hard work for you by conducting an assessment and determining the value of your portfolio for you. The process is quite simple, and once the assessment is done, you can determine whether you are ready to accept our offer.

What will we need to conduct an assessment?
Our team of experts will need to review your financial records for the last couple of years to verify your monthly residual income. We will also want to look at any outstanding contracts or active ISO agreements that you might have. Our process is painless and you will have an answer from us in just a few days.

What factors will we consider when determining a portfolio valuation?
Foremost, we will be interested in your business’ profit margin or your monthly residual income. We will also consider the diversity of your holdings. For example, are all the accounts from brick-and-mortar stores or do you have some contracts with e-stores? We will study your turnover or attrition rates and will want to know how long your credit card portfolio has existed. All of these factors, together, will help us determine your actual merchant portfolio valuation.

What we’re looking for?
We are most interested in non-high-risk credit card portfolios. We will consider portfolios with any independent sales organizations (ISO) or credit card processors. To qualify, you will need to supply 24 months of residual files.

Once we present you with our report and portfolio profile, you can decide whether you want to proceed. If you like what you see and all the legalities work out, we can move forward with the deal.

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