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How Much Will You Save With RevNew?

How much do you process in credit card payments annually?



By utilizing RevNew, you could potentially save $0.58 - $0.81 or more annually.


Internet Processing with Tokenization and E-Commerce

We provide you the merchant accounts you need to accept all major credit cards as well as the secure network to process the transactions.

Combine that with industry-leading security features to protect your business from fraud and give your customers the confidence they need to buy from you. From Virtual Terminals, Hosted Payment Pages, Integrated Solutions, to Gateways; CLARUS offers web solutions for every business. Our solutions allow you to accept all types of payments in a secure online environment. They are fully secured with the latest tokenization and encryption technology. The gateways offer options such as fraud management tools, batch uploading, returns and voids, import and export capability, recurring billing, transaction reporting, and Level 3 Processing. For businesses with advanced online payment needs, we offer APIs for integration into existing websites and/or ERP, CRM, and software.

Benefits and Features

  • Transaction processing
  • Tokenization and Encryption
  • Hosted Terminal
  • Virtual terminal
  • Instant sales notification
  • Recurring billing
  • PCI Compliance

Payments on the Go

Accept Payments on the Go with Mobile Payment Solutions

Empower your business to accept payment by utilizing what everyone already has in their hands: smartphones. With our mobile payment solutions, businesses can accept all types of payment via a smartphone interface. Accept swipe cards, chip cards, tap and go, and more. All solutions are fully secured and offer encryption and tokenization.

Mobile Payment Solutions Can:

  • Conduct business anywhere, enabling much broader contact with remote salespeople and support staff.
  • Replace paper-based order pads with electronic ordering that can be taken directly on mobile-based devices.
  • Save money by reducing the time required to take orders and eliminate data entry errors.

Exclusive to Clarus, is a unique reporting tool designed to help companies monitor the efficiency of their credit card processing and get the absolute lowest Interchange rates.

Designed specifically for large companies, or companies with extremely high payment processing volumes, helps you analyze your internal employee activity at point-of-sale. You can use this information to ensure your employees are handling credit card transactions correctly, preventing accidental downgrades and eliminating unnecessary processing costs.

Like our other reporting tools, is an online application that runs through your Web browser so it’s available any time from virtually any location. is not a replacement for MerchantConnect or MerchantConnect Premium. It works in conjunction with these programs to provide additional monitoring and control of your credit card processing.

" allows me to quantify my "controllable downgrade" opportunities by reason and dollars by branch. Without MerchReport, we estimate that our excess fees due to these controllable downgrades would cost us an additional $2 million annually. It’s all about having the data to be able to educate your employees to avoid making the controllable actions that cost you money."

Additional Services and Features

Competition for business is fierce every day of the week.We’re here to help you stand out from the crowd. We offer a suite of curatedproducts designed to help your business operate at peak efficiency and make animpression on your customer’s minds. From specialized integrations for yourbusiness’ software to the latest loyalty programs and gift card technology, CLARUSoffers the tools you need.

  • Software Integration
    Back offices all across the world run through the power of QuickBooks. Simplify your books with QuickBooks integrations for your payment processing. Easily sync transaction logs and payment information to your record keeping systems. Talk with your CLARUS rep today about QuickBooks integrations and other ways CLARUS can work with your existing systems.
  • Loyalty Programs
    Loyalty programs build the affinity between you and your customers. CLARUS offers a variety of loyalty programs through our processing partners to meet your business’ needs. Talk with your CLARUS representative about loyalty program options.
  • Gift Cards
    Gift cards are guaranteed purchases for your business. Did you know 72% of customers will spend more than the gift card amount? Offering gift cards is an easy step to enhance your customer’s experience and better your bottom line. CLARUS offers a broad array of graphic options. Your CLARUS representative is ready to equip you with the perfect set of gift cards.

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