What Our Partners Say About Us

"Over the last three years we have submitted approximately 180 applications on behalf of our customers to Clarus. In that time, we have been continually impressed with the level of professionalism and support that we, and our customers, have received from Clarus. The response from Clarus to our needs, and the needs of our customers, as they have occurred, has been overwhelmingly efficient. We are very pleased with our relationship and we would enthusiastically recommend them to others as a processing partner or a merchant service provider."

- Adam M.

"I had no idea our program was in jeopardy of being fined and black-listed by the card companies for non-compliance. Your expertise in dealing with the various card companies, including AMEX, really opened our eyes to all of the potential problems we were courting when it came to compliance. Me team truly appreciates the time and personalized service Clarus has provided. Having a personal cell number during implementation was especially important as we made the transition to the Clarus platform."

- Gage P.

"I want to thank you for 8 years of exceptional service and always going above and beyond to meet the needs of our company. We've come a long way during that time. Back in 2008, nobody believed we could complete the deployment of 400+ plug-n-play terminals in two waves over 10 days, but we did it! Everyone was expecting a nightmare like when we converted to First Data back in 2003, but with Clarus there were no significant issues at all. As you know, I had 3 main things I needed from our processor: responsive US-based customer service, custom analytical reporting, and lower fees. Clarus has delivered on them all!"

- Stephen M.

Other Testimonials

"Professional Customer Service with a Personal Touch"

Since changing credit card processing companies over 6 months ago we have never been happier. Not only has Clarus saved us money; you personally have been nothing but a top notch professional inn helping us getting moved over without hiccup. From billing to integrating with out internal system, you have responded timely  and never made us feel that we were making a mistake.

-Frank B.

"MerchReport.com Reduces Fees"

"On behalf of TW Perry, I would like to thank you for service in converting to Clarus. The process was smooth and the cost savings have truly been realized. Not only is MerchReport.com easy to use, but the information has helped reduce our controllable downgrades by a good 15 basis points."

-Nile N.

“Dropped my fees by 83% and they continue to hold”

“Your continued dedication to helping my business grow has made you a valued partner in my success. Most notably, when you introduced me to your Zero Cost processing platform almost two years ago. I was a little skeptical on the savings promised at first. But that was the best decision I ever made – dropped my fees by 83% and they continue to hold.”

-Ray T.
Former Marine

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