Merchant Portfolio

Understanding Your Merchant Portfolio

Sell You Merchant Portfolio

Sell Your Portfolio – 36x Multiple

Credit Card Portfolio Valuation Process

The Credit Card Portfolio Valuation Process: What You Need to Know

Merchant Residual Portfolio

How to Sell a Portion or All of Your Merchant Residual Portfolio

Credit Card Residual Buyout

Credit Card Residual Buyout

Data Tracking and Merchant Portfolio Management

Credit Card Processing

Merchant Mobile Wallets on the Rise

The Ever-Changing POS System

Fraud Protection and Credit Card Processing

Fraud Protection and Credit Card Processing

Clarus Merchant Services and Quality POS Announce Processing Partnership

Credit Card Processing Company

Report: Visa Eyes Biggest Interchange Fee Revamp In A Decade

Clarus Announces Strategic Partnership

Clarus Merchant Services and Announce Strategic Partnership

Make More Money for Your Association

Why the U.S. Needs to Adopt the Chip and PIN Credit Card Process

Clarus Merchant Services Protects Business Owners’ Profits by Solving $43 Billion Problem Cited in Wall Street Journal Article

Preparing Your Business For a Credit Card Portfolio Acquisition

How to Prepare Your Company for a Credit Card Portfolio Acquisition

Randy Tillum_CEO Clarus_Mass Adoption of Crytocurrency

Mass Adoption of Crypto: It’s Coming with Regulation!

Considering Selling Your Credit Card Portfolio? Here’s Your Guide:

Credit Card Portfolio Valuation

The Merchant Portfolio Valuation Process

CLARUS Merchant Services acquires North American Merchant Services (NAMS)

Everything You Need to Know About Level 3 Credit Card Processing

Seven Common Credit Card Surcharge Mistakes

CLARUS Merchant Services acquires BC Technologies

Clarus makes the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America

Slimy Sales Tactics: Don’t Fall for it

Predatory Merchant Service Practices: How to Protect your Business

Hate AMEX? Well, Maybe You Don’t Have To

Security Breaches: 4 Tips to Avoid being a Target

What is EMV?

Tips When Using a Debit Card

Processing and Predatory Pricing Schemes

How to Manage Merchant Processing Costs

What is a FANF FEE?

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